Some of you have implied that because you hadn’t seen them, the Tim Burns ads that I complained about yesterday didn’t exist. And yes the first one that I am showing here is from my Facebook timeline. It appears several times each evening. The second smaller one appears in rotation with typical click bait ads in the right hand sidebar in FB and other places. I originally didn’t want to publish ads that I found offensive but that was the wrong decision. If I am going to point something out I need to publish it as well as talk about it.

Now, if Mr. Burns were running for mayor or governor or senator or state rep, I probably wouldn’t have published yesterday’s post nor followed up with this one.

I appreciated Mr. Burns’ speech at the DPW convention. I was looking forward to his campaign. But I am not anymore.

And I can’t help it that I feel that I have to hold a candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court to a higher standard than anyone running for partisan offices. And I don’t feel any of us should continue to tolerate ads that keep trending down the ladder instead of going high.

Timeline ad:

Sidebar ad:

2 Responses to Those Pesky Tim Burns For Wisconsin Supreme Court Ads

  1. John Casper says:

    Ed, in how many more posts are you going to insult Ed Fallone and Judge Kloppenburg? Both have endorsed Tim.

    What ads do you want Tim to run? Please be specific.

    Per my comment on your previous hit piece against Tim, why do you support “mass incarceration” and the prohibition against marijuana?

    “How Scott Walker Built a Career Sending Wisconsin Inmates to Private Prisons”

    “Throughout 1990s and early 2000s, with Walker at the helm of the assembly’s Committee on Corrections and the Courts, Wisconsin shipped around 5,000 inmates to Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Minnesota. Most of the prisoners, along with almost $45 million in Wisconsin taxpayer money, went to private prisons operated by one company: the Corrections Corporation of America.”


    “CCA was also a major contributor to Scott Walker’s political career. During Walker’s decade in the State Assembly, just fifteen people gave the maximum contribution to his campaigns. Two worked for CCA, including then-CEO Doc Crants and then-board member Henri Wedell, who owns $25 million in CCA stock. Both men live in Tennessee, not Wisconsin. Over the course of Walker’s political career, CCA executives have contributed more than $7,500 to his campaigns.”

    Please list what “blue” candidates, you claim “Blogging Blue” has supported.

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