Obviously President Trump ran on repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. And we all know that the Republicans in Congress have been singing that song for the past seven plus years. And they introduced three separate really nasty repeal and replace bills since the president’s inauguration in January that they couldn’t get passed simply because they were mean spirited and detrimental to the American people relying on the ACA for health care.

And during his time in the Oval Office, the president has tweeted time and time again that ACA was in a death spiral and a failure even when it wasn’t. But he is now performing a self-fulfilling prophecy by pulling out the underpinnings that support the ACA, causing distrust and anxiety amongst the insurers, and putting American lives at risk.

Although I condemned every single one of the repeal and replace bills that failed, at least they are an in your face move to destroy the ACA and health care for millions of Americans. But the new back end assault on ACA is essentially a criminal act.

Despite the fact that the president ‘believes’ the cost sharing reduction payments are illegal, that still remains to be determined in the courts. His other ‘belief’ that the csrs are enriching the insurance companies has been debunked by several sources and the facts seem to indicate they are actually losing money on the plans they offer on the ACA marketplaces.

At a certain point, after American citizens have put their trust and faith into a government program, there is a certain compact between those citizens and the government that shouldn’t be violated. The president has violated that trust. The president has put at risk the physical and economic health and well-being of millions of Americans at risk…it may actually cost lives. This is in fact, in my eyes, a criminal act.

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