Devin Kelley in Texas and Stephen Paddock in Las Vegas fired hundreds of rounds killing and wounding dozens of people in incredibly short time spans…because the weapons that they were allowed to buy could fire quickly (and modified to fire nearly fully automatic) and use magazines with 30 or more rounds increasing their lethal effects. AR-15s. Why do civilians need that kind of firepower?

They don’t.

The United States won World War II on the backs of their infantries that took the ground war to the enemy forces across North Africa, across Europe, and bottom to top in the Pacific Theater. And those infantry troops fought with the M-1 Garand…a solid semi-automatic rifle…30 caliber…8 round magazine. Every type of extreme environment you can think of.

Now I understand why the modern military needs modern weapons that fire hundreds of rounds. That’s war. It makes them safer as well as more effective as soldiers.

But there isn’t a civilian out there that needs a semi-automatic weapon like an AR-15 or any of it’s copies or peers when something like an M-1 would do just fine. Hunting…8 rounds should work. Target shooting…8 rounds should work. Hunting…30 caliber should be fine. [no I am not saying M-1 Garands are the way to go in the modern world…I am just saying we don’t need anything beyond its basic capabilities…but yes modern improved weapons would be expected].

There’s no reason these weapons aren’t outlawed. Flat out. Rounded up…melted down…gone. Outlaws won’t have them…they won’t exist. And anyone who shows up with one…is automatically an outlaw. End of story.

How many more mass shootings are we going to tolerate?

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One Response to We Won WWII With Less Fire Power Than Paddock and Kelley Had

  1. Ernest Martinson says:

    We need to bring troops home from far-flung bases throughout the world. With the military marching down our streets and backing up the militarized police, we will be soon be as safe as people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, and other countries whom we have set free with our firepower.
    We must outlaw all weapons of minor destruction. Then anyone with such a weapon is an outlaw and a marked target for combined firepower of militarized police and military.
    We must thank our military on this Veterans Day for their service in the cause of keeping us free and safe.

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