Obviously Blogging Blue doesn’t have the wherewithal to buy access to premium internet services if we lose net neutrality. So will you still be able to get your daily fix of skewed political commentary and sarcastic responses to commenters? Will the page load at a reasonable speed? Will it be found at all?

The loss of net neutrality is being sold as letting the market determine the winners and losers. But once again it seems like the haves will get to have some more…and the have nots may disappear into the ether. One of the pluses to net neutrality is Zach could start this site and I can keep it running without a lot of effort or financial risk. Essentially, though not literally, Blogging Blue’s voice is available as fully as the NY Times or Breitbart. Yes certainly we live or die on our content and marketing skills…and the amount of time and money we have to invest…but it feels that all things are being equal until now.

The FCC has a comments page going and it sounds like it’s being hacked and trolled in favor in eliminating net neutrality. So some are suggesting they put off their decision until they can sort out the chaff. Probably isn’t going to happen under the Trump regime. But once we lose it, there is very little chance we’ll ever get it back. Do we devolve our internet to being like China?

And the internet has allowed small entrepreneurs build new sites and new businesses that are worth billions and supply communication, products, and information around the world. Would Amazon, Google, Facebook exist if they were starting out in an internet without neutrality. Will the next round of inventors have the same opportunity?

And yes, big conglomerates have invested millions and billions of dollars to build the Internet’s infrastructure. But your tax dollars and government resources invented it and developed it. It really should still be ours!!!

From today’s Washington Post:

The Federal Communications Commission is expected later this month to repeal landmark regulations that aim to ensure that all websites, large and small, are treated equally by Internet service providers.

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One Response to So What Happens to Blogging Blue If We Lose Net Neutrality?

  1. onevote says:

    Well, content that doesn’t adhere to the mainstream media and centrist views will be minimized. I sure don’t like the GOP, but when you prevent viewpoints that don’t play ball with the GOP, it is hardly a democratic political system.

    Ed and BB, I wish you the best. But, you are not helping your own best interests by avoiding the facts and opinions of the independant media. I live in a medium-cised Wisconsin city, our economy is terrible, and our local media is dominated by the right-wing syndicates. KFIZ, an old AM station now owned by ex-Senator Randy Hopper, plays Rush Limbaugh et al. and there is no local showing; when a tornado approaches us, the station tells us nothing. Our Fond du Lac Reporter used to be independently owned, but was bought out by Thompson and then sold to Gannett. Their circulation has dropped way off, Gannett has eliminated most the local journalist staff, and people have no news they can count on.

    The vote for destroying Net Neutrality is December 14th, so let’s hope Ajit and the FCC are defeated. It will take public input, though, and I truly hope BB will survive this attack on democracy, journalism, and the public good.

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