Thursday morning at the start of a school day, a gunman entered a high school in New Mexico and once inside started shooting and managed to kill two students. Fortunately most students were in their classrooms and the school went into full lock down and he wasn’t able to hunt additional victims. Once again we face a horrific shooting of innocent people. This time the shooter did not have a high powered semi-automatic rifle. But it seems that the death toll was so low this shooting hardly made the news. As a matter of fact here is the coverage in my local Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Have we become so blase that shootings barely rate a mention? Or does the body count have to get to a minimum threshold to become news?

And again the gunman planned this ahead of time and came to the attention of authorities a year ago. He legally acquired his weapon. And yes, again the murderer appears to have been mentally ill from the various news reports. And it does appear that once again he fully intended to die during his actions.

[‘He Was Focused and He Was Deranged‘]

When are we going to have enough of this carnage? When are we going to provide health care that can help screen out those who are mentally ill, those who are a threat to themselves and others?

One other thing about this incident troubles me. The school did absolutely the right thing and quickly went to full lock down. That saved untold lives but…

Police responded to the school less than a minute after getting the initial calls, which came shortly after the start of the first period. With the school in lockdown, they got inside through a window and a door.

With the lack of effective gun controls and effective mental health care, as we continue to develop defensive strategies…the police shouldn’t have to resort to entering locked buildings via windows. There really has to be ways they can circumvent the lock down and enter the building as quickly as possible.

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