Happy New Year One and All!

What do you want to share about 2017 and what do you think will be a focal point in 2018??

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One Response to Happy New Year Open Thread!

  1. onevote says:

    As far as sharing about 2017 went, I know this last year was bad for most, as most of us are not members of established interests. I am progressive, wanting to move past an entrenched, corrupt 2-party money club that does little for most people.

    I’m also populist, but not of the right-wing sort, someone who wants to remedy the danger to America of economic inequality.

    Just hope the DPW decides to follow the people instead of the usual monied interests. There’s lots more regular folks who have a vote than the relatively few corporate and GOP types that somehow continue to control the narrative. I’m hoping the DNC and DPW both help our Senator Tammy Baldwin, as she is among the top targets for the GOP to attack. Leah Vukmir as U.S. Senator doesn’t work for me, and let’s help out to see that it doesn’t happen.

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