All of you know how I feel about gun violence. All of you know that I support sane and rational gun control laws. All of you know that am sickened every time we have a mass shooting like this…particularly when it’s at a school and children are slaughtered. It can be fixed. Here is an article on how Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School prepared for an active shooter incident…please read it (although I am going to post a few snippets here). But we shouldn’t need to spend scarce educational resources on security. Children should be safe in school…at the park…in transit…and at home. Always.
‘I’m not really shocked’: Florida high school prepared for the worst. Then it happened.

The system then barked again: code red. That meant active shooter, Gard knew from his training. He snapped the classroom’s locks, cut the lights and huddled his students into a closet at the back of the room.

Gard and his students waited. When the teacher heard helicopters thump overhead and the growing scream of police sirens, he knew what was happening outside his classroom was no drill.

“We did everything that we were supposed to do,” Melissa Falkowski, a teacher at the school, told CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “Broward County has prepared us for this situation, and still to have so many casualties, at least for me, it’s very emotional.”

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