One take away from all of the hullabaloo around the Nunes Memo is: if there is nothing to see here, i.e. collusion, Russian influence, or Trump involvement, why the huge effort to stop the investigation or smear the investigators while undermining our law enforcement agencies?

other view: The Surprise in the Nunes Memo

2 Responses to Nunes Memo: Vindication or Condemnation or Nothing To See Here?

  1. Edward Susterich says:

    I know “tweets” are informal and conversational, but one would think the POTUS would not make 5th grade mistakes of using “their” for “there” together with poor sentence contruction and illogical statements. Remedial training is needed in so many areas for this reckless buffoon.

  2. Dohnal says:

    Face it the FBI has been corrupt at the top since its inception. That is why no one wanted a National Police force.

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