Viet Nam consists of some of the hardest working people you are ever going to meet. They are looking to repeat the economic miracles that they have witnessed in Japan, China and South Korea while removing themselves from the umbrella of China. They would love to establish a serious trade relationship with the United States despite our shared history. They’d love access to capital investment. They’d love access to modern technology. They’d love access to high value imported goods. They’d love access to sell their goods in the American market. They’d love American manufacturers to open plants and provide jobs in Viet Nam. They’d love access to American agricultural products. They were looking forward to be a signatory with the United States in the Trans Pacific Partnership.

And then they got President Donald Trump who pulled the rug out from underneath them by withdrawing the US from the TPP. And now the president decides to show China and North Korea who’s boss by sending the American air craft carrier USS Carl Vinson to Viet Nam. I hope they leave behind a case of MAGA hats and t-shirts!

President Trump, you want to send a message to China? Help make their neighbors economically strong and independent. A businessman should be able to understand that…instead you are playing games with naval vessels like a tin pot potentate.

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