Over the past week, I have posted two disparate items that seem to come together in the controversy surrounding Cambridge Analytica’s use of Facebook data. The first was GOP Congress: 14 Children Gunned Down, Crickets, Dog Dies In Airplane, Immediate Bill, where nothing has been done about children being murdered and nothing changes, but when one puppy dies and there is immediate legislative action. And Who Is Protecting the 2018 Election?, where the government has taken almost no action to protect the upcoming mid-term elections.

But oh my god, some social media site and third party instigator are reportedly misusing data, and there are immediate calls for a Congressional investigation and for Mark Zuckerberg to testify in Washington.

Keep your eye on the ball Washington…we need to secure our elections first! We all know Facebook is selling our data…it isn’t any surprise. So Congress should keep its faux outrage to itself. I would rather know that the Wisconsin voting rolls are accurate and my vote is recorded without interference from Moscow.

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