No, not former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Not White House aide John McEntee.

It’s gotta be Kim Jong Un!

Considering that at this writing there has been no confirmation from North Korea about a meeting between Mr. Kim and President Donald Trump…I am thinking Mr. Kim made his suggestion to the South Korean delegation as a feel good thing and never in a million years expected an American president to accept…especially not in just a few days time!

So do you think they will meet? And Pyongyang should be off limits…so where should they meet? (I am also disallowing Mar a Lago).

One Response to The Most Surprised Man In The World?

  1. James Pease says:

    I certainly hope not. With Comrade Chaos’ fondness for flattery, they could schmooze his pants off and with his penchant for wanting to say what someone else wants to hear, it’s frightening to think of what he may say or do. And, then, of course, two days later, he’ll change his mind and deny he ever said or did it.

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