I lost the post on Facebook but yesterday, someone from the left was complaining about Illinois Democratic Gubernatorial candidate J B Pritzker for self funding his campaign to the tune of $63 million. Yes I realize that that is an exorbitant amount to spend on a primary race for almost anything…particularly at the state level.

But it is his own money. We know he’s not owned by the NRA! Or George Soros! Or the Koch brothers! Or any PAC or special interest group. He is his own man.

So can anyone give me a hint on why the left would view this as a problem? And keep in mind that when our own senator, Senator Herb Kohl, self funded his campaigns, we all thought that it was an asset.

By the way, for those of you interested, the Illinois primary is next Tuesday March 20th. Mr. Pritzker is just one of six Democratic candidates. Two other prominent candidates who may give him a run for his money are State Senator Daniel Biss and Chicago businessman Chris Kennedy (son of the late Senator Robert Kennedy).

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