There are a lot of Democrats running to unseat incumbent Republican Gov. Scott Walker this year.

Some of those candidates are more credible than others, but each brings strengths and weaknesses to the table. What I’d like to know is who you’re supporting and why I should support your candidate, because thus far I’m undecided and kind of unimpressed.

Let me know what you think in the comments.


15 Responses to Which Democratic gubernatorial candidate should I support?

  1. Wis. Conservative Digest says:


  2. Jake formerly of the LP says:

    My top tier is generally

    1. Tony Evers – likely front-runner. Stands for the right things, called out Foxconn as soon as it happened. Would be harder for GOP to slime, and ripping on teachers doesn’t play well in 2018.

    2. Matt Flynn- Consistently has the best ideas, and seems willing to smack Walker and call out the corruption better than most. Only negatives are age and Milwaukee background.

    3. Dana Wachs- Solid, and the fact that so many fellow State Reps that I respect have endorsed him (Jonathan Brostoff, Dianne Hesselbein, Mark Spreitzer among them) has to mean the guy has something going for him. Eau Claire background helps, but my biggest concern is too many connections to big-spending Milwaukee consultant crowd. If the hacks get out of the way, Wachs could be good.

    4. Kathleen Vinehout- Still the best policy-wonk of the group, and has won 3 times in rural areas that Dems need to win. But her position on guns has become absurd in 2018 (opposing background checks because “it’s different in the country”?), and it dropped her down for me.

    Also, some candidates need to go away.

    1. Paul Soglin- I live in Madison and most people are done with this guy’s act as Mayor. Completely does not translate statewide.

    2. Andy Gronik. Mary Burke 2.0, and not as relatable. He needs to use his money to slam Walker and help Dems vs being a candidate himself.

    3. Helen Roys- One-note candidate from Madison that could be easily caricatured statewide by right-wing slime machine. Has a great future, but would be likely to hurt party and squander any good will she has 1if she was Guv candidate. Chris Taylor would have been a much better candidate for the role Roys wants to take on in the primary, and Taylor would actually win.

    Special mention- Tom Barrett. Tom, I like you, but YOUR TIME HAS PASSED. Stop this “I might run” talk NOW. You’re hurting yourself, the party, and your legacy.

  3. Edward Susterich says:

    My early choice was Mike McCabe, and I sent in a contribution. This week, however, my choice is the latest entry: Mike Crute, the owner of WRRD Wisconsin Resistance Radio, 1510 AM serving the Milwaukee area. Both Mike McCabe and Mike Crute are passionate Progressive-Liberal. Any of the candidates would get my vote to oust Walker.

    By the way, have you had enough of all the “Bagdad Bob’s on local WTMJ and WISN? These talkers are 100% locked into talking points put out by the Republican propaganda ministry.

    Instead, listen to refreshing Progressive-Liberal views on Wisconsin Resistance Radio, WRRD 1510 AM. Check out their
    complete broadcast day schedule which includes giving ALL the candidates an opportunity present their plans and seek your support.

    • Jake formerly of the LP says:

      Yes, I recommend 1510/1580 to get better insight on all of these candidates (beats KLAN 1130 and WGOP 620). But I assume Crute is just trolling and making a joke. At least he’d better be, or else he’s hurting the good guys.

  4. WashCoRepub says:

    Tom Barrett, definitely. 4th time is always the charm. Plus the Streetcar is almost done, so he’ll have that to run on.

    My 2nd choice for you to support would be Soglin. He’s charming, warm, friendly… loves higher taxes, the Castro regime… he sounds ideal to me as a state-wide candidate.

  5. Mortified West Allis Resident says:

    #1 Matt Flynn…#2 Kathleen Vineout…#3 Dana Wachs…Please no more Tom Barrett!!!! Nice and decent man but his time has passed.

      • nonquixote says:

        Worked for Ron Johnson. /s

        Flynn (in person) promised to release non-violent (pot) drug offenders and pardon any new convictions by non-compliant judges before the end of the same day, overthrow Act 10, dissolve unconstitutional FoxConn legislation and shut down CAFOs, for starters. If not Flynn, these issues should be championed by DPW and every candidate or risk insufficient voter turnout to counter our unconstitutional redistricting.

        Gronik appeared to see privatizing or commoditizing everything as a solution. With CAFO manure biodigesters proven highly problematic and costing millions with no postitve returns, 95 out of a hundred attendees let out audible groans when he proposed that in NE WI. He should just drop out. Not sure I’d even want his endorsement.

        McCabe disqualified himself before announcing when titling his book, “Blue Jean Nation.” #gimmickman.

        State-wide potential, offering solutions and sound policy, my top three, Vinehout, Evers and Flynn, maybe Soglin and Wachs.

        • Zach W says:

          I had a chance to met Gronik and while he seemed engaging and he had some good ideas, he struck me as a Chris Abele kind of Democrat in regards to privatization and public employees.

          I could be wrong but that’s just my sense of things.

  6. AJ says:

    We need a candidate for governor and also our legislative candidates that whole heartedly supports the Legalization of Marijuana in Wisconsin. If we want the young people to come out and vote for us in November that is our issue! Bill Maher called for Marijuana to be our issue on the latest addition of Real Time!

  7. Nemo says:

    My money is on the one that the Democratic bosses select. That’d be the safe, beige candidates that can be counted on to know their place in the hierarchy. I’d guess either Evers or Barrett.

    • Zach W says:


      To be honest there’s not a single Democrat in the race that I look at and think, “Boy, there’s someone that can beat Scott Walker.” They’ve all got flaws, some of which are absolutely fatal in my opinion.

      That’s really what’s led to my indecisiveness.

  8. Ed Heinzelman says:

    Over the years I’ve met Evers, Vinehout, Flynn, Wachs and Gronik. Last time around I was firmly Vinehout until she dropped out. Not feeling it this year. I am going to watch and wait and see who actually shows up on the primary ballot. And we’ll get email questionnaires out to them to help all of us decide.

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