Ignoring potential cooperation with the Russians to subvert the American electoral process or the continued and blatant interference with the American justice system, our president is essentially a traitor.

Why? Because he can’t keep his braggart egotistical mouth shut about American defense secrets. From Politico and shared by the Washington Post: Trump bragged about classified Syria skirmish at fundraiser

The details of the battle remain classified, but speaking to donors in midtown Manhattan last Wednesday, Trump said he was amazed by the performance of American F-18 pilots. He suggested that the strikes may have been as brief as “10 minutes” and taken out 100 to 300 Russians, according to a person briefed on the president’s remarks, which have not previously been reported. [emphasis mine]

Now we all realize that the president constantly exaggerates numbers…no matter what the topic…but the fact he (again) has disclosed classified information to civilians is treasonous. He wasn’t talking to his staff. He wasn’t talking to his security group. He was talking to his joint chiefs. He was talking out in public, to a group of civilians, at a freakin’ fundraiser.

And we’re sure that this isn’t a topic for public discussion? Well even the White House knows that:

White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah declined to comment on Trump’s remarks because information about the Syria strikes remains classified.

So the House and Senate are still ok with this? I understand (and don’t agree with) their stance when they look the other way on the president’s racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and utter lack of moral character. They have made their pact with their devil.

But when he puts national security at risk? When he tweaks the beard of a nation standing as one of our major adversaries? (oh wait, Lenin had the beard, not Putin). When is someone in Washington going to actually get concerned here?

2 Responses to American Traitor: President Donald Trump

  1. WashCoRepub says:

    Imagine that, we’ve got a President who is actually concerned about defeating the enemy and doesn’t ship pallets full of cash to known terrorist sympathizer states like Iran.

  2. John says:

    He will not see January 2019 as President – mark it down!

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