No no, they aren’t a match up in the World Cup…but I just want to talk about them in their relationship to US politics.

Before he even gets to a summit meeting that he is ill prepared for, President Donald Trump is talking about bringing North Korean President Kim Jong Un to the US…either the White House or Mar a Lago…or maybe the White House.

And that he’d like to normalize relations with North Korea.

North Korea who we fought a very vicious war against in the early 1950s. North Korea who after decades of trying has acquired nuclear weapons. North Korea that has brutally subjugated its citizens. North Korea that we are technically still at war with since there has never been an actual peace accord negotiated and signed following the war.

The president would like to normalize relations with THAT North Korea. Any objections from the Republican electeds? As they say, crickets.

But just a few years ago, President Barack Obama normalized relations with Cuba.

Cuba that was ruled by a harsh dictator. Cuba that subjugated its population. Cuba that we didn’t actually have a shooting war with. Cuba that does not have nuclear weapons.

President Obama normalized relations with THAT Cuba. Any of objections from the Republican electeds? My goodness, you’d have thought Castor had personally killed Senator Mitch McConnell’s new puppy.

I wonder what the difference might be?

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