I find it amazing that another year has passed and that Blogging Blue is now 11!

And the next year looks to be very challenging…need to find a new hosting service for the site…need to document the 2018 national and state elections…and need to keep pushing the items that I feel need correcting in our democracy!

My top five issues:

1: Effective and affordable single payer health care for all.

2: Rational and effective gun control laws and regulations.

3: A renewed emphasis on education across the country including more support or free college tuition.

4: New election laws that protect individual voters including ending gerrymandering and getting big money out of campaigns.

5: Rational trade and tariff agreements and immigration laws to allow American business to grow and thrive in a world economy.

Thank you all for you continued support and thoughtful comments.

And this week, leave the fireworks to the pros!!!

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3 Responses to Blogging Blue Celebrates Its 11th Birthday Today!

  1. capper says:

    It’s your blogbirthday today? Congratulations!

    But save some cake, Cog Dis turns 10 tomorrow!

  2. Greogry says:

    Congratulations on not only your dedication to blogging but also for the principles you know are important, and which you work to defend. More than ever we need steadfast citizens, such as yourself, to fight for the republic our Founders envisioned. Keep up the work. And to your readers it is also imperative that all find their way to make a stand for our democracy. Again, congratulations.

  3. Jeff Simpson says:

    Congrats on the Anniversary to my old home.

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