Given President Donald Trump’s logic this week that Germany is a captive of Russia (it takes one to know one I think) because of the Russian pipeline being built under the Baltic Sea to Germany…the United States of America is a multiple captive of Canada given the number of pipelines running from our northern masters to the states! Just sayin’!

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2 Responses to United States Is Canadian Captive!

  1. John says:

    Canada and Europe need to be pulled off of the American teet

  2. Joe says:

    Well John, It’s the other way around the USA needs to be cut off of Canadian oil teets… (how about 20% tarriff on oil – that will shut your POTUS tyrant up). The USA has gotten super rich selling their greedy evil pollution product across the globe while your current idiot President pitches it as a clean energy solution (because he doesn’t believe there needs to be a clean energy solution). & Canada & the EU can start building their own fighter Jets and helicopters and tariff your military hardware because most of it over prices and still sucks anyway.

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