but they aren’t Hispanic or Muslim and the didn’t cross into the United States via our southern border: Romanian card-skimming ring nabs thousands from Wisconsin ATMs, police say.

In general, those involved in this crime ring come to the U.S. illegally with fake identification cards, Fond du Lac Detective Bill Ledger said. Muresanu, Preda and Capanu are all in the U.S. illegally, according to court documents.

And not only that…they are apparently part of a ‘ring’…or in our parlance a gang. I thought we were down on gangs (or only just that one?)

Yup…that wall will protect us!

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One Response to Hey Look! Illegal Immigrants Accused of Crimes in US!

  1. Andre says:

    While I agree that this is over-hyped at times, try telling that to the family of the young woman in Iowa.

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