there are plenty of important primaries for you to vote in…so get out there and vote.

And remember these two things:

You can only vote for one party. If you split the ballot your votes won’t count.

Bring your valid photo id or you won’t get a ballot!

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5 Responses to Wisconsin Polls Are Open: Get out there and vote

  1. AJ says:

    It was great to have so many candidates that went all over the state to show why Wisconsin needs a new governor. Evers has a state wide presence and has done a good job in public office. Although he may not have a firebrand persona, he is a good public speaker, great listener, and diligent.

    • Charles Kuehn says:

      My personal choice would have been Vinehout. But Mr. Evers is eminently more electable. And the primary focus must be, at this point, getting the current cancer excised from our statehouse.

      I think and hope Tony has what it takes to kick the little weasel to the curb. His education pedigree alone should resonate with a huge number of voters – some who may even have voted for Walker – who are sick and tired of the current regime’s hostility toward our education system and its people.

  2. Patricia Hurlburt says:

    I feel the only way to get “Walker Out” is get your butt out there and VOTE BLUE. Walker sure is pushing himself into Eau Claire but don’t be fooled by him – he has done damaged to Wisconsin and we need him OUT people. Get out there and VOTE. Do the right thing,,,,,

    • Charles Kuehn says:

      Get out and vote indeed. No truer words have ever been written. But we need to do more than talk and write about it; we need to do it, cuz we all know the Diebold software will be running full tilt again and we’ll need a double digit margin to reflect a single digit win. We have the numbers to overcome the tampering, but we have to show up at the polls for those numbers to do their job. GET OUT AND VOTE!

  3. WashCoRepub says:

    For sure! I’ll be casting my vote for Governor Walker as early as I can, then driving people to the polls on Election Day. Fortunately, I am able to park my vehicle in my locked garage, so I won’t have to worry about slashed tires…

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