US Senator: Tammy Baldwin of course. She is working for Wisconsin and certainly shares most of the values we espouse here at Blogging Blue. State Senator Leah Vukmir has completely adopted the party line and I haven’t heard a single original thought come out of her mouth.

Governor: Tony Evers. The main complaint against Mr. Evers has been that he’s boring…just not exciting enough. Wisconsin is ready to take on a little boring right now…someone calm and steady to get the state moving in a better direction. We know he doesn’t aspire to higher office. And no matter how Governor Scott Walker labels himself, Tony Evers will be the education governor!

Attorney General: Josh Kaul. We need some new thinking here. Instead of adding Wisconsin to any number number of suits filed by other state’s Attorneys General and letting rape kits idle on the lab shelf, Mr. Kaul will insure Wisconsin gets the law enforcement it needs and deserves.

State Treasurer: Sarah Godlewski

Wisconsin 1st Congressional District: Randy Bryce

Wisconsin 5th Congressional District: Tom Palzewicz. Oh my goodness, but incumbent Jim Sensenbrenner is decades past his sell by date.

Wisconsin 6th Congressional District: Dan Kohl. The only state politician who can out crazy Leah Vukmir is the incumbent in this district, Glenn Grothman.

Wisconsin Assembly District 22: Aaron Matteson

Wisconsin Assembly District 64: Peter Barca

7 Responses to Endorsements: Midterms 2018

  1. Sue says:

    I wonder how the Journal Sentinel will manage to non-endorse endorse Walker this time?

  2. WashCoRepub says:

    God, talk about a list to make me want to vomit, LOL!! Especially a lowlife like Randy Bryce.

  3. Pedro says:

    I think you may be right on a few of these (Baldwin, Barca) but several will be very close (Evers, Kohl, Bryce). Hard to predict anything and anyone who “thinks” they know is probably pulling your leg. Viva, Democracy!

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