This is totally insane: Four shots fired into a Republican Party office in Florida.

Just as the mailed pipe bombs have no place in political discourse. Just as shooting innocent people in a synagogue has no place in American life. This type of violence is just plan stupid. It has no value. It has no sense. It is abhorrent.

And I don’t care who did it. Democrat. Republican. Independent. Joy riding kids think they are being funny. I hope they are caught and prosecuted and brought to justice. Sooner rather than later. This is just a different take on domestic terrorism.

Here is the response from an elected Democrat who represents the area:

Democratic state Rep. Patrick Henry, who represents the area, condemned the shooting in a statement released to reporters.

“After one of the deadliest 72 hours in America, I’m angry to learn that shots were fired at a Republican Party field office in my district,” he said. “Your party affiliation should never make you a target of gun violence.”

I hate to continue from there…Rep. Henry’s sentiment is absolutely the correct one to end with. I am glad that no one was hurt.

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