Ok…here’s a band that I had never heard of until recently (I apologize, I actually got turned onto them in August but I had been sitting on it during my illness this past summer)…hopefully some of you have already. And today you have an opportunity to hear their new album World on Fire in it’s entirety. See the link below (these are audio files only…no videos). But if you just want to get a taste here is one of my favorite songs from the album:

Scars and Children

Here’s a brief description of the album from the soundcloud site:

Curious Grace & Black Rabbit tapped into the magic and madness of the moment — the defiance, the hope, the uprising — to create #worldonfire, an album that celebrates complicated dreams, heroines and heroes in today’s Twitter-driven world. Soaring vocals, pulsating guitars, progressive arrangements and chunky riffs power their new wave-inspired melodic rock. #worldonfire takes listeners on a journey that is sometimes dark but always beautiful – like ruin and renewal – with intense electric instrumentation, driving rhythms and evocative lyrics.

It’s a quirky album and registers solidly in the mold of concept albums of the past. And another contemporary band that brings the cello to the forefront in the rock genre. Who would have expected that development? And then there’s the Irish influences…who in Milwaukee doesn’t appreciate that? (and a great album cover)

Listen to the complete World On Fire!

#WorldOnFire is an album for this moment. It was born out of the madness and magic of living in a Twitter-driven world that can’t tell whether a dream is upside down or downside up. Curious Grace & Black Rabbit tapped into the angst… the defiance… the uprising. The result is an album that celebrates complicated dreams, heroines and heroes.

CG&BR commissioned Swedish artist Mattias Gordon to create the album cover art, a wickedly clever piece of pop surrealism. Gordon also created the animation art for Curious Grace’s 2013 release of Blue Umbrella (an earlier formation of Curious Grace & Black Rabbit).

“The silver fox took over the rule of the House of the West and this was the beginning of the dark times, when the whole world started on fire. The flames smoldered; smoke rose into the sky; and the Black Rabbit awoke…”

2 Responses to Thursday Music: Curious Grace and Black Rabbit: World On Fire

  1. We love the Badger state! And we love our blue-leaning friends. Thank you, Ed, for sharing #worldonfire with your readers. There’s actually a story behind your favorite song, Scars & Children. Curious?
    Mary from Curious Grace & Black Rabbit

  2. Tom Erangey says:

    Hey Ed , thanks for the review #World On Fire , I wanted to point out we have a Badger in our Band Heidi O Toole and ask any of your readers if they could recommend any venues for our Band to perform. Because we are neighbors we would love to grow our fan base in Wisconsin.Keep up the good work ,Cheers!

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