Over the years there has been maneuvering around the country to improve elections…making them more responsive to the people…or to manipulate them…to help one party or the other retain power.

Run Off Elections have been one item under consideration from both points of view…and Mississippi has a law requiring them. In a run off election state, if no candidate receives at least 50% of the vote, the top two vote getters participate in a run off election. So in Mississippi, there will be a run off in December to fill the last two years of a Senate vacancy caused by retirement of the incumbent. None of the candidates hit the 50+% threshold.

But let’s not consider run off elections in Wisconsin anytime soon. All of you snarky Democrats crowing and gloating over the Democratic sweep of statewide offices this past Tuesday…would be wringing your hands and biting your nails…but still campaigning if Wisconsin had Run Off elections. Examples! These two races would become run offs:

So before we jump into changing election laws…whether it is run off elections…or changing the electoral college…or other experiments…try to conceive of any unintended consequences. And remember, the GOP and Governor Walker’s bill about recounts kept the governor from requesting a recount in his recent loss.

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