If you haven’t dropped a dime on your state legislators yet, do it now. The only thing bigger than their egos and fear of Tony Evers is their fear of YOU!

Assigned reading from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Editorial: Once again, it’s time for Wisconsin citizens to let politicians know who’s the boss

Kudos to MJS for running this on the front page of their print edition and their website, JSOnline!

From their editorial:
Each of these three leaders can stop this anti-democratic power grab on his own. If you think they should stop it, let them know immediately:

Gov. Scott Walker:
(608) 266-1212, govgeneral@wisconsin.gov, walker.wi.gov/contact-us.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos:
(608) 266-9171, rep.vos@legis.wisconsin.gov.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald:
(608) 266-5660, sen.fitzgerald@legis.wisconsin.gov.

Your local state senators and representatives were elected to represent your interests. If you don’t want them to follow their legislative leaders and vote for these measures, please tell them. You can find contact information for the politicians who represent you: CLICK HERE

4 Responses to Let Your State Legislator and State Senator Where You Stand On Their Lame Duck Session

  1. Charles Kuehn says:

    Anybody who thinks any of the three mentioned individuals would heed any citizen offering negative feedback on this naked power grab is delusional. I don’t have the answer; wish I did.

    I think the best recourse may be the courts – and even that’s might iffy considering their partisan makeup.

  2. Peter Felknor says:

    They’re not answering their phones. Try it yourself. No surprise; they’re all cowards.

  3. Peter Felknor says:

    They’re not answering their phones. Try it yourself.

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