This morning a number of Facebook friends shared a post from The Independent UK website. I have seen other stories from this site a few times and have probably been guilty of sharing them.

But this morning’s story just seemed too weird to me. After the all over the media blitz the past two days of the young Catholic man in the MAGA hat confronting a Native American who was attending a different rally in Washington it wasn’t u

The odd story was reporting on an email from the young man’s mother saying that her son had been called names and harassed by ‘Black Muslims’ while attending a pro-life, anti-abortion rally. Why that excuses his behavior is beyond me given the Christian tenet of turn the other cheek but that’s a digression for another time.

But thinking the article’s content as odd, I did a Wikipedia search for The Independent UK (it has a US online version as well) and found this:

The Independent is a British online newspaper.[1] Established in 1986 as a politically independent national morning newspaper published in London, it was controlled by Tony O’Reilly‘s Independent News & Media from 1997 until it was sold to Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev in 2010.[2] (emphasis mine)

So at this point I don’t know if we can trust The Independent as far as we can throw them. I don’t intend to rely on them for supporting documentation here at Blogging Blue going forward. And I am not going to grace them with hits by linking to their sites in this article today either.

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