Seven members of the U.S. House of Representatives voted against giving back pay to federal workers on Friday, including Wisconsin’s Glenn Grothman.

The House approved a measure with strong bipartisan support that would assure paychecks for federal employees. The vote was 411-7.

Seldom are you on the right side of a bipartisan vote when you are one of seven out of over 400. (side note: all seven no votes were Republicans) And you really are on the wrong side when these are your reasons for making your vote:

In an interview with the Journal Sentinel, Grothman said it was “awfully generous” to guarantee back pay to workers even in scenarios (like an extended shutdown) when they might not be working for months. 

“We can work out something, for some sort of compensation, but to get paid full pay for maybe three or four months when you’re not working?” Grothman said. 

“That’s why we’re $22 trillion in debt. These people around here can’t say no to anything,” he said of his colleagues.  

Totally unbelievable. The federal employees on lockout or working without pay are innocent of the situation they find themselves in. They are all willing to work. They are all willing to show up for their jobs. And those deemed essential have been doing just that without pay…and before this bill, without any assurances that they would be paid. So government employees should be made to suffer (ignoring the overall hits to the economy) over a frivolous stunt by the president?

BTW: Rep. Grothman could help end the shutdown…I mean he’s a member of the Congress, right?

And believe it or not Rep. Grothman, the reason we are in this deadlock is because people are actually rightfully saying no at an appropriate time…and someone keeps changing his mind.

As to the deficit…I didn’t bother to look it up…but I am sure that Rep. Grothman voted in favor of the 2017 Trump Tax Cut. So he’s like responsible for the most recent $1.2 trillion.

But Rep. Grothman isn’t without feelings…he’d retro-pay those working without pay. Those non-essential workers should take heart…maybe they can transfer to essential jobs!!

Grothman said that he is a co-sponsor of another bill that would pay government employees who worked during the shutdown.

“There is no reason that the people who are working should not get paid,” Grothman said.


Glen Grothman needs to go in 2020. At this point I’d support a moderate Republican for the gerrymandered seat just to see the idiot removed from office.

And if you were wondering who else needs to go home in 2020, here’s the list:

The other congressmen to vote no were Republicans Justin Amash of Michigan, Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar of Arizona, Ken Buck of Colorado, Thomas Massie of Kentucky and Ted Yoho of Florida. 

Extra credit reading: Glen Grothman represents WI 6th CD


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