Just two days ago, I reported on the attempt by Wisconsin GOP leadership, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, to blame Governor Tony Evers for the change in direction taken by Foxconn on their promised LCD plant in Racine County.

It didn’t take Politifact too long to say…hey wait…not so fast…that isn’t exactly what happened!

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Republican leaders Vos and Fitzgerald said in a joint statement that potential changes in Foxconn’s Wisconsin plans are a result of “economic uncertainty” created by Evers — who has been governor for less than a month.

A spokeswoman for Vos offered no evidence of that claim, saying merely that the leaders “believe” that is the case.

Meanwhile, the evidence against the claim is steep:

Published reports attribute the potential changes to an array of market and economic factors, including labor costs in the U.S., declining consumer demand and the trade war with China. Experts say those are historically the kinds of factors that drive business decisions, not politics.

Foxconn’s lone public statement on the matter says talks with Evers have been “constructive.”

And the CEO of WEDC says Evers has not interfered in the Foxconn contract in any way.

All of which makes Vos and Fitzgerald’s claim not only wrong, but ridiculous. That’s our definition of Pants on Fire.

So there you have it kids…another thrilling day of point and counterpoint…under the Madison rotunda!

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