I was reading an article about how the chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin was stepping down after eight years at the helm. Newsworthy to us political nerds but as I got into reading it further…I got a bit of a cold vibe from the article.

Halfway through the article it mentioned that the chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin isn’t running for re-election. Reread the previous paragraph and then this one and put those factoids in a side pocket of your brain.

The moves come as the state Democratic Party is also changing leaders. Martha Laning, the chairwoman of the state Democratic Party, announced last month she would not run for re-election in June. 

Won’t run for re-election in June. The state party meets in convention in June and the delegates will elect a new party chair from party members who put themselves up as candidates.

As opposed to this:

Vice Chairman Andrew Hitt will take on Courtney’s duties until a new chairman is selected by the party’s executive committee. A meeting to pick a new chairman hasn’t been set, party spokesman Charles Nichols said.

So the new chair will be selected by the executive committee…not elected by the party membership at large (or at least via delegates at the convention).

Given how they select their leadership, is it any wonder why the Republicans ‘run’ government they way they do?

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