Sydney Aiello survived the Parkland School shooting…but she lost dear friends to the gunman. She would never have had to experience that terror and loss if our nation would take care of business and have protected her by preventing gun violence.

But she suffered from survivor’s guilt and PTSD following the shooting and reportedly look her life last weekend. The nation has failed to provide health care to millions of Americans…and mental health care in particular. We failed her again.

So now the nation mourns again and wonders what could this young woman have accomplished had she been supported and aided in overcoming her issues and reached her potential?

How long can we continue down this path of waste and wanton destruction?

One Response to Young Woman Suffers Twice At the Hands Of An Unfeeling Nation

  1. Ed Heinzelman says:

    From the Huffington Post (3/24/19):A second student who survived last year’s mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, has apparently died by suicide, police confirmed.

    The juvenile, whose name has not been released, died by an “apparent suicide” on Saturday night, Coral Springs police spokesman Tyler Reik told HuffPost. The deceased was a current student at the high school.

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