Democratic Representative Richard Neal has asked the IRS to release the last six years of the tax returns of President Donald Trump to Congress. The attorney hired by the president, William Consovoy, says that the IRS can’t legally do that.

But apparently Rep. Neal is actually one of only three people who can do that. So I imagine this will end up in the courts. And once again, you have to start really wondering what those tax filings would reveal about the president that he is so intent on hiding.

But on with the story:

He (Rep. Neal) said the IRS has a policy of auditing the tax returns of all sitting presidents and vice presidents, “yet little is known about the effectiveness of this program.”

So as a sitting president, maybe President Trump is right for the moment…he is under audit.

But since this is done as a matter of course…not an investigation…isn’t the audit a government work product that Congress has every right to access and review? And since the effectiveness of the program is unknown, shouldn’t Congress determine if it is working or not? So Rep. Neal…here is your plan B. Ask for the audit results until the courts determine whether the president’s taxes are fair game or not. We have paid for the audits…we own them…let’s take a look under the hood! Shall we??

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