This photo appeared on the front page of the Sunday New York Times April 7, 2019 to illustrate an article about the Brazilian soccer club illusion. It appeared above the fold and just below the masthead…took up a quarter of that top part of the page

Do you suppose it would have even made the paper if this had been a white soccer mom from say…Iowa?

Breaking down American taboos…one photo at a time!

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One Response to This NY Times Photo Broke New Ground.

  1. Gregory says:

    Truly interesting question. I had not thought about it in the manner you ask–the paper landed here and I never considered much about the breast feeding until your post. No, I am quite sure it would not have made the paper–in part–due to how women view that act in parts of the world vs our (at times) puritanical stances. I can not see a woman in Iowa breast feeding for a news photographer. That is not based on race but the up-tight nature too many have in our land over their bodies. Kill all you wish on TV, but never show a butt cheek! Again–great post–and thanks.

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