Alabama has passed a new bill essentially outlawing all abortions. The lawsuits will be piling up if the Republican governor signs it. I don’t know if the fact she is a woman is a firewall or not. That remains to be seen.

Editor’s note: 5/15/19 5:30 PM CDT: I have been told that Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed the bill this afternoon.

But not surprisingly this bill has been introduced and pushed forward by men. I don’t even know where to go from here…except to say that they should be seen and not heard on this subject.

The Alabama state Senate on Tuesday approved a bill essentially banning abortion in the state, a move specifically aimed at challenging more than 40 years of federal abortion protection under Roe v. Wade. The bill would make it a felony for a doctor to perform or attempt an abortion during any stage of pregnancy.

Alabama House Rep. Terri Collins, who sponsored the bill, told NBC News Tuesday evening that legislators wanted to keep the bill’s text as clean as possible, specifically to address the language in Roe v. Wade, which talked about a baby being “in utero.”

“This bill’s purpose is to hopefully get to the Supreme Court and have them revisit the actual decision, which was, is the baby in a womb a person?” Collins said. “And we believe technology and science shows that it is. You can see that baby tissue develop all the way through now.”

exceptions for rape and incest??? nope.

I just can’t believe that this is actually happening in 21st Century America.

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