My wife actually got asked that before we went. But when comparing notes with friends who live in Paris…our response is: compared to what?

Staying in the USA and:

Going to church and getting shot? Going to work in a municipal building and getting shot? Going to a country music concert and getting shot? Going to a movie theater and getting shot? Going to synagogue and getting shot? Working at a naval yard and getting shot? Sending your kids to school and hoping they don’t get shot? Going to your employers holiday party and getting shot? Living on an army military base and getting shot? Going to the Sikh temple and getting shot? Going to school and getting shot? Going out to a club and getting shot? Going shopping and getting shot? Going out to eat and getting shot?

France isn’t a war zone. We often act like the USA isn’t one either…yet people here are getting shot in every conceivable part of every day life.

Why would I want to stay home?

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2 Responses to Aren’t You Afraid To Travel To France?

  1. Norma says:

    Very true,Ed. I generally feel safe when traveling abroad. We’re aware of so much security in tourist areas of South American, Mexican and European Cities

  2. steve says:

    To be safe, go with Liam Neeson.

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