this came up in the Blogging Blue Twitter feed. I am disgusted with myself for not understanding what I was reading…on Saturday the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Green Sheet includes a news quiz with multiple choice answers:

And the tweet that brought this to my attention:

Today @js_newswatch decided that a little Black girl killed in the city should be used as a fun fact. The level of disrespect and disdain for Black life is on full display here.

I can’t possibly have anything more to say…

Editor’s Note: this is the correction/apology published on page two of the main news section of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Monday July 22, 2019:

4 Responses to Shame On Me For Missing This: Racism at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  1. John Heckenlively says:

    They did publish an apology on page 2 of Monday’s paper.

    • Ed Heinzelman says:

      Well, I read that paper from cover to cover and missed it. It should have been published in the Green Sheet where the infraction occurred. Maybe I would have seen it if I was looking at the lottery number

  2. Bill H says:

    So an apology is made for something that should never have occurred. But apparently nothing is ever done to find out why it occurred in the first place. Did the apology include that the family is in our “hearts and prayers”?

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