Sound familiar? Well this isn’t the July 4th celebration in Washington DC!

Venezuela’s president Nicola Maduro oversaw a grand military parade to mark the country’s independence day on Friday, revelling in his might as commander-in-chief …

Maduro applauded and pumped his fist as soldiers marched past, tanks rolled by and fighter jets streaked overhead at a Caracas military base.

“We look to the heavens, asking for peace,” Maduro said. “All the while our military exercises play out. We plead to God with our missiles pointed.”

Odd how the independence day celebrations just a day apart played out pretty much alike. But I guess dictators gotta dictate!

One Response to shows military might in independence day celebration

  1. WashCoRepub says:

    The levels of Trump Derangement Syndrome among the Left is now approaching flashing-light, batshit-crazy levels.

    Meanwhile, our President hits record high approval ratings. I LOVE IT!

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