This is excerpted from an email that Blogging Blue received from the John Bel Edwards campaign for re-election as governor of Louisiana. It has some interesting tidbits about Medicaid expansion…and helps to explain why we should have it in Wisconsin!

Expanding Medicaid remains one of my proudest decisions as governor. Securing health coverage for almost 450,000 hardworking Louisianans was the right thing to do, and the early results speak for themselves.

A recent study by Tulane University found that, of those who gained coverage through Medicaid expansion, the number of people who reported that they couldn’t see a doctor due to medical cost dropped by 27%, and the number of people who didn’t take their medication as prescribed due to cost dropped by 66%. On top of that, because of Medicaid expansion, zero of Louisiana’s rural hospitals have closed, which cannot be said of our neighboring states.

That sure makes it sound like a win win for Louisiana…there’s no reason other than Rep. Robin Vos and Sen. Scott Fitzgerald, that it wouldn’t be as successful in Wisconsin.

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