In what is one of the strangest moves that I can think of…the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel print edition blew up its obituaries. A few years ago when they phased out their classified ad section, MJS moved the obits to the back pages of the Business Section. Except they didn’t call them obituaries…they were old fashioned Death Notices. Like these from the September 1, 2019 Sunday edition:

But then this morning (btw: most Death Notices appear in the Sunday or Wednesday editions of the print paper…other days there is usually just one or two individuals rather than pages worth) the Death Notices were now Obituaries and they were exploded to three columns wide on the page instead of six columns, classified size. Is this an attempt to maintain or increase page count without adding content?

As you can see, I am taking the loss of journalism and local news coverage rather personally.

and I check them every morning…and if I am not in them…I will report to the Blogging Blue publishers office per usual.

5 Responses to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel BLOWS UP Their Obituaries!

  1. WashCoRepub says:

    Feels like one of those High School reports that was due the next day and you were shy of material… increase Font size… line spacing… There we go!

  2. Dave Hansen says:

    Thank you! I am deeply disturbed by the different sizes of these “obits.” There seems to be a rivalry going on – who can take up the most space and say nothing? There is no rhyme or reason to this, and I don’t look forward to seeing where or how my “obit” will be placed or look in this format. How SAD!!!!

    • Ed Heinzelman says:

      it looks to me like they now have a job for the interns…make the obits fit in the new format…and you too can be a page design editor!

  3. Pat Katisch says:

    Could u pls add me to ur email list? Thx

    • Ed Heinzelman says:

      We don’t have control of that function and now trying it out this morning I see that the connection is broken. We’ll have to look into that. yikes

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