One Response to An Aside From Rep. Brostoff on Game 5 of the World Series

  1. Maynard McKillen says:

    It’s hilarious to watch right-wing pundits, in lock step, clearly issued the same marching orders and talking points, trot out this “respect the office” meme.
    These same pundits were equally aghast when Republican-idiot-from-South-Carolina-who-masquerades-as-a-congressional-Representative Joe Wilson interrupted President Obama’s 2009 address to a joint session of Congress by shouting the the baseless brainfart, “You lie!’
    Okay, so these right-wing pundits weren’t aghast.
    Okay, so these right-wing pundits didn’t bat an eye.
    Okay, so these right-wing pundits trotted out the “First Amendment Rights” meme to defend the South Carolina idiot.
    Okay, so these right-wing pundits are hypocrites and idiots.
    Okay, IOKIYAR.

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