This is probably a new group to you, it is to me. They are a three piece and neighbors from the great city of Chicago. Wanna get started on discovering what they are about?? Start with this tune:

Just to fill in the blanks for you, here’s some info from the band’s pr:

Through a year and a half of local and national grinding, Lollygagger has developed an intense live experience with a focus on fun. The band’s live show includes tight-every-time musicianship, an impeccable stage mix, wide ranging lyrics, custom built lights, ball gags, leather harnesses, and banter that would fit in fine at a comedy club.

While their sound is most often compared to 80’s British powerhouses, the not-so-serious presentation and antiauthoritan
content stinks of the 1990’s American punk revival

Ready for more? This release is just hitting the cloud this morning…so I am scheduling this post so it pops up after the Youtube video release.

and their thoughts on their full album release and the Family Fun Variety Hour:

“LOLLYGAGGER (S/T)” is the band’s first full length release and boasts a full video album accompaniment for every track. The music itself features a mix of influences ranging from Judas Priest, Motörhead, The Dead Kennedys, NOFX, Queen, and Primus. It’s an ecclectic sound that combines with the band’s charisma, sarcasm, and sense of selfawareness
to create a new wave of anti-authoritan but socially conscious rock and roll. While it’s clear the band doesn’t take themselves too seriously, their songs feature deep lyrical content that ranges through metaphysics, oppression, politics, economics, sociology, tour life, queer love and religion. The video album, entitled “The Lollygagger Family
Fun Variety Hour”, is a thirty minute ‘special’ that features videos for each track plus five original comedy skits produced by the band. While the title and tone of the video alludes to the bands sarcastic attitude, the video is immaculately produced in 1080 HD with professional editing, filming, processing, and after-effects.

I hope you enjoy Lollygagger…and the rest of your Thursday!


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