Remember when the president and GOP electeds were complaining about the closed sessions during the early stages of the impeachment inquiry? And how it quieted down when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi started having open sessions…televised even!

And then the GOP pivoted and said they president wasn’t allowed to defend himself? And they started a number of diversionary tactics?

Yeah, we’ve all read about them or talked about them.

And then Speaker Pelosi says sure…the president can appear before the House and tell his story (I would put emphasis on ‘story’ here). And several media outlets have said the president is considering doing so…maybe live…maybe written (that apparently is being looked into i.e. his replies for the Mueller report).

So a note to the GOP…be careful what you wish for…you just might get it.

Anybody have the Vegas line on the chances of President Trump actually testifying?

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