Well apparently, because at 8 PM last evening he was pretending to get busy all by himself in the Senate Chambers:

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald of Juneau stood alone in the Senate chamber to formally gavel into the special session as required by law, and just as quickly ended it.

Though he was the only senator in the chamber, he said all 19 Senate Republicans were united in their opposition to Evers’ bills for universal background checks and a new red-flag law. 

Fitzgerald showed up about 8 p.m. to start and finish the session.

emphasis mine

All of Wisconsin: keep in mind that 18 Senators, seemingly opposed to these bills, didn’t bother to even show up for this special session much less have the courage to take a vote on either gun safety bills: universal background checks and the red-flag law. Apparently too timid to take an actual stand.

Oh, and why did it take the Senate Majority leader six hours after the requested start time to play with his ‘gavel’?

Fitzgerald, of Juneau, spent part of the day working for his campaign for Congress.

3 Responses to Sen. Scott Fitzgerald: The Loneliest Man in Madison?

  1. richard lesiak says:

    The useless bag of skin that represents me Luther Olson was one of those who couldn’t be bothered to show up. It’s time to get rid of him and the other 17 who treat the voters as nothing more than a paycheck.

  2. Mark E. Bye says:

    And what angers/saddens me even more is that the voters of his district will probably reward him with a trip to Washington, D.C.

  3. Maynard McKillen says:

    Coward much, this Fitzgerald?

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