Dan Feyen (R – Fond du Lac) is one of 18 Wisconsin State Republican Senators who dodged taking a stand and voting for or against common sense gun safety laws…by being a no show at a special session.

One Response to WI State Senator Afraid To Vote Their Conviction: Dan Feyen

  1. stuart bellant says:

    Say Dan have you got kids in school or that maybe go to a mall on occasion? Think how you and your family would feel if you got the news that families all over our country have gotten 44 times this year alone. Spend a little time and look into families have been told a loved one has been killed by a complete stranger. How many times you’ve heard that old American refrain “Someone should do something about this” (or that). You have a chance most don’t to do something. Get off the fence. Get to work on reasonable gun reform.

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