Given some of the turmoil coming out of her campaign last week, this shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise, but it did. Senator Harris was actually one of the candidates on my short list. Despite her struggles on the campaign trail, I thought she had staying power.

As her poll numbers began to sink in the late summer and early fall, her campaign announced a renewed focus on Iowa, ditching a previous strategy of focusing on her delegate-rich home state of California and heavily African-American South Carolina. 

Harris was spending far more money than she was bringing in, and according to The New York Times, she made the final decision to drop out after a financial audit showed she would have to go into debt in order to stay in the race. 

I don’t know which candidate or candidates her withdrawal will help. At this point I had hoped more of those in the bottom ranks would start dropping out and letting candidates like Senator Harris pick up some traction. Well not this time.

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