There are two pretty damning articles in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the blatant mishandling of sexual harassment and sexual abuse complaints in the various branches of the Wisconsin National Guard.

Sweeping investigation into sexual misconduct in Wisconsin National Guard could trigger overhaul.

Wisconsin National Guard’s response to sexual-assault allegations an ‘absolute train wreck,’ federal investigator says.

But from the first article, here’s where Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (also candidate for the House of Representatives) steps into it:

In the wake of the report, GOP Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald promised changes and said Evers, a Democrat, must respond to the issue.

emphasis mine

Governor Evers must respond to the issue? He already is on top of the issue and working on solutions…BUT

All of the ‘absolute train wrecks’ discussed in these articles occurred during the administration of former Governor Scott Walker…one of the three Republican horses asses of the Wisconsin Apocalypse. And in case the senator needs a refresher course, he’s one third of the said trio. Time to accept some responsibility and be part of the solution and stuff that finger pointing up your posterior.

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