No…really…even as the police were active and schools in lockdown, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy tweeted:

When are we finally going to demand effective solutions to gun violence?

Six people were killed – including a police officer – in a raging gunbattle Tuesday at a cemetery and corner store, forcing the city’s schools to lock down and rattling nearby residents.

One officer was pronounced dead at a hospital, and three civilians and two gunmen died at a kosher supermarket, police chief Mike Kelly said at a press conference.

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3 Responses to NJ Shooting Was Still Active When The Governor Issued: Thoughts and Prayers.

  1. WashCoRepub says:

    Yes, the only thing that would prevent criminals like this from engaging in a raging gun battle with law enforcement on public streets are… More gun laws.

  2. Ed Heinzelman says:

    not more gun laws…fewer damn guns.

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