I am not going to expound on this article from the Washington Post: If good men like Joe Maguire can’t speak the truth, we should be deeply afraid.

But I am going to quote the summation.

As Americans, we should be frightened — deeply afraid for the future of the nation. When good men and women can’t speak the truth, when facts are inconvenient, when integrity and character no longer matter, when presidential ego and self-preservation are more important than national security — then there is nothing left to stop the triumph of evil.

We should be sorely afraid.

And the author: William H. McRaven, a retired Navy admiral, was commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command from 2011 to 2014. He oversaw the 2011 Navy SEAL raid in Pakistan that killed Osama bin Laden.

One Response to If good men like Joe Maguire can’t speak the truth

  1. richard lesiak says:

    In the 50’s we had McCarthy; now we have trump doing the same thing. McTrumpism is going strong with gop support at every turn for his smear tactics.

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