After shaking my head about Joe Biden’s campaign thinking I lived in Iowa (Where Does Joe Biden Think I Live?), now Pete Buttigieg’s campaign apparently thinks I live in Nevada. Here’s an excerpt from today’s email:

Hey Edward, it’s José! We met on Tuesday.

Every night, I make at least 10 calls to talk to Nevadans about why I believe Pete is the candidate who will turn the page on our broken politics and usher in a new era of belonging — for all of us. And I need your help.

José Morales, Jr.

National Constituency Director

Pete for America

No they don’t actually think I live in Nevada but they want me to call people in Nevada…or donate so they can hire people to call Nevada. But really, I didn’t meet Mr. Morales on Tuesday. Even at my advanced age, I’d remember that! So really…they need to get their message(s) straight.

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One Response to The Dems Still Don’t Know How to Do Tech.

  1. Nemo says:

    If the name at the top of the electronic correspondence isn’t Mike or Bernie, it’s not bad tech. It’s a lack of money to hire competent IT. Think of it as cadaveric spasm from a dead campaign. That goes double for Joe.

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