This rant was posted on her Facebook page this evening…yikes.

Milwaukee is under tremendous pressure from special interest groups, and agenda for control and power…it is at the verge of becoming another sanctuary city which is filled with homelessness, crimes, filthy streets, empty houses, abandoned shopping mall. You will soon see children protesting on the streets for all sorts of propaganda, not in school learning critical skills for life….you will soon see increased homelessness, because mental illness is not being treated at the root. Tent cities will pop up because special interest groups will handout free tents and provide free food. Bad behaviors and ‘breaking law’ is getting encouraged in schools and education system already. You will soon see law enforcement body will be attacked for doing their jobs or following law. You are already witnessing most of these…happening sporadically. There will be lawlessness everywhere. This is by design and happening based on a broader plan. This has happened in other cities…progressive agenda is not progressive. It’s a death of a community.

At this current trend Milwaukee County….

wont be able to provide free transit system

won’t be able to integrate light rail with milwaukee (sic) street cars

won’t be able to protect bus drivers (they will keep fighting for union power & collective bargaining rights)

will cut more bus routes (buying more buses wont solve safety & security issue)

will close parks & amenities

Will cut more services

will cut more law enforcement bodies (& overtime, stress will impact their work)

Will raise taxes burdeing (sic) already overburdened residents, homeowners and car owners (they will come up with scheme to tax you from an angle you have never even thought of)

Schools won’t produce graduates (but will fight for climate change, black lives matter, sanctuary city & union power) they will also fight education freedom, parent’s choice.

Will play identity politics and divide people into groups so they can fight against each other (so, money, power and control remains in select few people’s hand)

Don’t let that happen to our community. You have a choice. I will fight the evils to make Milwaukee a better place.

Ms. Nath is the least qualified candidate in this race, by a mile.

Will play identity politics and divide people into groups so they can fight against each other …

Exactly what Ms. Nath is doing here…exactly.

4 Responses to The Eerily Misguided Campaign of Purnima Nath for MKE County Executive

  1. Zach W says:

    This is absolutely bizarre, but I’m betting a healthy number of Trumpists will eat this nonsense up.

    • pete says:

      gee, she points out the problems and you assume it has to do with Trump, i have lived here 34 years and she is spot on. you need a therapist, or a better education.

      • Zach W says:

        Hi Pete, I’m not sure why you feel the need to hurl personal attacks at me, but I’ll just assume it’s because you’re an easily triggered Trump supporter.

        The fact is Purnima Nath is the conservative candidate in the race and her comments about sanctuary cities and lawlessness (among other things she’s said or written) read like they’re right out of the Donald Trump playbook.

  2. Sharon Shell says:

    I don’t understand how Purnima Nath is even allowed on the ballot with her non-profit tax reporting for Spindle India Inc being delinquent for 2017 and 2018.

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