Reports out of Asia suggest that North Korea has also experienced illnesses related to the coronavirus that originated in Wuhan China. The country has taken additional measures to isolate itself from the world and particularly China to prevent the spread of the disease.

But it is suspected that it already has a foothold there and that their weakened economy is ill equipped to handle it.

It has always seemed to me, in similar situations around the world, that the United States should step up and offer medical or relief assistance, even to adversarial nations, just because it is the right thing to do.

One Response to Time To Step Up And Help North Korea?

  1. It needs to be noted that until today, China has rebuffed the efforts and offers made by the United States in this regard. Given the nature of the Hermit Kingdon, it too seems unlikely to accept offers of help. In all cases, the assistance should be accepted as this is not a nation’s problem, but rather an international one.

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