Wisconsin Election Commission says it can’t be done. This news was ‘made’ this afternoon and will most likely be in my print newspaper on my doorstep when I get up tomorrow morning.

And given the incredible printing and mail fulfillment industry native to Wisconsin, I call bullshit. Given a clean mailing list my guess is they could turn it around in 48 hours!

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2 Responses to Governor Evers Calls For All Mail In Ballots for April 7th Elections

  1. Nemo says:

    And how would that work with the voter ID law?

    • Ed Heinzelman says:

      Of course there would some risk. But the mailing list would be voter registration list. Absentee ballots have to signed by a witness. And normally you have to load your ID to the website to get your absentee ballot or declare you are indefinitely shut in. For this one election they have already waved the ID function and suggested using the shut in option to bypass it. So yes some risk but do we risk the health of 100,000s of Wisconsinites or deny their right to vote? And it would take a huge coordinated effort to cheat in large enough volumes to sway an election…hard to do anytime…harder to do in a stay at home environment.

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